Monday, October 10, 2011

Control yourself, take only what you need from it.

If I decided to join an internet dating site I would probably fill out my bio or whatever it is like this:

I enjoy ice cream, an insightful cartoon, and long walks on the playground.

I think that as we get older we almost forget to have fun with things. Everything becomes more complicated, and people withdraw more and more.

Remember as a kid, playing on the playground how easy it was to just pretend and play for hours? For me lunchtime was always too short.

I also wish it was as easy to make friends as it was as a kid. When you're a kid you don't judge people, everyone is WAY more innocent.

I don't get why as we get older making friends has to be so complicated. It's stupid. Why should I have to live up to your expectations to be your friend?

It's the same with romantic relationships. Think back to your very first crush. It was awesome! To you, that person was the greatest person ever.

And then came "The Note"

Do you like me?
Check yes [] or no []

I think that is still the best way to ask someone if they like you. Just be straight up and blunt. Quit playing those stupid games. They're way too confusing. And they're not fun!

Games are supposed to be fun....

So I guess my point is that even though growing up is inevitable and really important I think that we should also ensure that we don't lose our childlike wonder and childlike simplicity.

Later Internet

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