Friday, September 30, 2011


So i'm currently in the process of writing 1 of 3 essays for next week and I think it's time to rant about writing. okay here we go:

the thing that bothers me with writing is the expectations that are demanded from the reader. When's the last time you've read an award winning novel or some super in depth article and not had to look up a word? Writers tend to try too hard to sound intelligent. I guess it' not necessarily a bad thing but I dunno. I guess I just hate it when something can be expressed in a very simple, elegant way, but instead the writer will use long, complex words and the main idea can be lost in all of the clutter of the writing. I read somewhere that great writers use very clear, to-the-point language. And that to be a good writer you need to be clear and to the point. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hate when you get conflicting messages about writing from different educators. For instance, at my high school if you wrote an essay one way and teacher x got it you would get a 90%. however if teacher y got it you would get a 60%. The same thing happened vice versa if you wrote the essay to teacher y's strategy. I think that there needs to be a clear and precise way to write an essay. That way marks can be more fair. It's the same with interpreting what you think an author meant. You're not interpreting what the author meant... you're interpreting what the teacher THINKS the author meant. ugh dumb english. I love/hate you. just like call of duty hahahah

okay that's it. I gotta finish this essay.


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