Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I should really go to bed.

It's been awhile since I last posted anything so I'm gonna try something one of my friends did,

11:47 - sitting on my coach, listening to 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and The magnetic Zeroes.

11:48 - Wow that last minute went by really really fast. Thanks music!

11:49 - #Kony2012 this movement has intrigued me. The video was awesome.

11:50 - My mouth is really dry. Like really really dry. But our Brita jug is empty and I don't wanna refill it. First world pains.

11:51 - I'm scared that If I go get some water that I'll have to pee... I don't wanna go upstairs.

11:52 - I can't decide!!! I should invent a mini, portable toilet. I'll make millions.

11:53 - Millions... mill... onions? That's what I thought of when I looked at the word millions. I wonder if that's like that thing where the middle letters are scrambled but you can still read them... probably not.

11:54 - I tihnk I'm gnona try it. It's kndia hrad to tpye lkie tihs.

11:55 - Gave in. Got myself a glass of water. Typing like that was waaaaay too difficult. Probably just because I'm tired.

11:56 - I wonder if we have any new episodes of How I Met Your Mother recorded?

11:57 - nope. Oh well. America's funniest Home videos is on. close enough. What if Neil Patrick Harris hosted AFV? I think that would be legen - wait for it - (insert "d" word related to home movies here)

11:58 - To Troll a Predator is hilarious. I kinda wanna dress as Batman and meet child predators at playgrounds. I think I could take a predator. Especially dressed as Batman.

11:59 - To Abed: You Are Batman Now.

12:00 - I wanna be Batman. If I was rich I would turn myself into a vigilante crime fighter. It could be fun. Beats writing essays.

12:01 - Batman's a pretty cool hero because he doesn't have super powers. Just loads and loads of money. Which I guess is kinda a super power in our society.

12:02 - but still! I think I could do it... if I were rich. I should start a "make Keegan a super hero fund"

12:03 - I will accept donations of cash, cheque, or superhero gadget. But it has to be a high quality gadget. Like Q worthy gadget.

12:04 - My goodness, this water tastes heavenly. What is the taste of water? I wanna taste a water flavoured candy. Maybe I'll invent that too.

12:05 - HAHAHAHAHAH an old lady just got owned on a box after walking across a whole balance beam.

12:06 - I'm a terrible person. If  saw that in real life I wouldn't laugh though... does that justify it?

12:07 - This is an incredible playlist. Step 1: "Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of '09" Google it. Step 2: Download it.  Step 3 : Listen Step 4: Have an "eargasm" Step 5: Repeat steps 3-4

12:08 - I read an article about why songs get stuck in your head today.

12:09 - I don't remember what it said though. Sorry Internet. I remember it was interesting though. And if you felt a certain way when hearing a song those same feelings can cause you to hear it in your head.

12:10 - "And all you can hear, is the sound of your own heart." I've decided I really like this song.

12:11 - I also read a letter that the worst rated player in Madden '07 wrote to John Madden. It was hilarious. The guy just cussed out Madden and made hilarious comparisons between himself and a braindead insect based on his Madden rating.

12:12 - That would be so demoralizing.... Especially because the guy knew he was better than other players. One had just lost his starting position to him.

12:13 - I'd be chapped. Good thing I'm not good enough at sports to be in video games. Unless they make a video game about being adorable and awesome. Then I'd get a rating of at least 96.

12:14 - Is it bad that my mom told me who the next Bachelorette is gonna be and I got excited? (Dad, if you're reading this I meant to type MMA event but I messed up and was too lazy to backspace.......... I promise...)

12:15 - Symphonies by Dan Black is fantastic. I first heard it when Kid Cudi rapped over it... The original version is super chill.

12:16 - I really wanna go snowboarding again. I need money for that. "Let's get Keegan snowboarding" fund. Start donating.

12:17 - Actually I wanna go camping. Anyone down for a camping trip come summer time? Could be a pretty good time.

12:18 - I wish I had more linear thoughts. Actually, I take that back. I like how my thoughts function. Sometimes when I speak I have to explain step by step how I got to where I ended up.

12:19 - Like the Wikipedia game. Oh man. Wikipedia's SOPA protest. The internet sucked that day. I remember because I was especially bored and there was NOTHING to do.

12:20 - I would not have been able to function in an internetless world.

12:21 - HOLY CRAP I JUST HEARD THE SONG WHERE THE CHORUS FROM THAT HOODY ALLEN SONG COMES FROM. "Gotta get it get it big time, gotta get it get it get it, until you just can't get it no more" It's called Tightrope by Yeasayer


12:23 - My hair feels different. I like the immediate post haircut feeling. I wonder if girls feel the same way after they trim their hair? I'm glad I'm not a girl. Childbirth. It's like peeing a stump. No thanks.

12:24 - Okay everyone needs to hear this playlist. I am so happy right now. I wish I could play music... or sing.

12:25 - MMMMMM strawberry commercial. I want strawberries now.

12:26 - We have no strawberries. I knew we didn't but I thought that maybe there was hope. "If you can believe it, you can achieve it."

12:27 - I wish that worked with food. I can believe the crap outta any type of delicious food. Especially if it made the food magically appear. That would be great.

12:28 - Now I feel kinda sleepy.

12:29 - sleepy

12:30 - sleepy

12:31 - still sleepy

12:32 - Okay AFV is still as hilarious as I remember. Maybe It's 'cause I'm tired and things get more and more funny when you're tired.

12:33 - or it might be because this bro tried to use his friend and a plank of wood as a ramp on a slip and slide. How did you think that was going to turn out?

12:34 - Are people always that dumb?

12:35 - I shouldn't be talking. I'm sure I can trump that with one of my gloriously stupid endeavors.

12:36 - I really want some lucky charms. That stuff is fantastic no matter when. With or without milk. It takes true discipline to not eat only the marshmallows.

12:37 - I'm so incredibly awful at Scrabble.

12:38 - Like horrendously bad.

12:39 - It's really cold in my house. My Snuggie is downstairs. First World Pains. Again. My life really isn't that hard. I just act like it is.

12:40 - I need to delete some people off facebook and twitter. I haven't talked to them in ages and they fill up my newsfeed/twitterfeed with pointless stuff that I don't care about.

12:41 - My eyes hurt. I think I'm tired.

12:42 - I really like british bands.

12:43 - I wish I could fly. Or had an Ironman suit. That would be radical.

12:44 - It should rain. I like the smell of post rain. Everything smells so fresh. I love it.

12:45 - If I was a bird I would love post rain storm 'cause all the worms would be right there on the sidewalk. It's an All-You-Can-Eat buffet right there.

12:46 - I'm kinda hungry.

12:47 - I can't eat now. I'll get fat and lose my beautiful physique.

Later Internet.

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